Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mr Inconsiderate

This mornings wake up to view

Left our mooring at 0910hrs and the day was going to be a scorcher. At Boulters Lock there was a inconsiderate skipper aboard an old Broom 37 who thought it OK to queue jump. I let it go as we are in no hurry. Once we were all in the lock the keeper who had put the Broom 37 on the starboard side behind a Broom 33 while we were put on the port side and now a little ahead of Mr inconsiderate. The Lock keeper made a point of telling us to hold lines until the first  Broom was clear and leave the lock in second position. Mr Inconsiderate had other ideas and pushed past us again while his wife was trying to tell him the lock keepers command. He zoomed down the lock cut and disappeared into the distance past Cliveden Islands as we tickovered our way to the next lock. Who was waiting on the lock landing Mr Inconsiderate. He knew he had been an arse earlier as not once did he look around or make eye contact his boats name is White Velvet  Douglas IOM. !

"Festina Lente" Mr. Inconsiderate at Cookham Lock.

Bray Studio's looking shabby
Bray Marina

We have had a couple of boats lifted here. It's a nerve wracking experience.
Monkey Island Hotel link

Below is a selection of beautiful homes on a stretch of river bank from Bray to Maidenhead

Above belongs to Rolf Harris

1300hrs and we have moored at Cookham till the morning.
We didn't have much room to manoeuvre.

We have had a wander around the village
Holy Trinity Church was shut to visitors.

Sue outside The Crown

Walk from the pub back home.

This evening we are going to walk back into the village for our tea in the Bell and Dragon or the Kings Arms or maybe both. .............. the end it was the Kings Arms as we viewed both menus on line and the Kings arms won.

Pulled beef and ale pie for me and sumer salad for Sue


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