Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Trick or Treat

That is another season of cruising nearly over, it is strange that it seems to of flashed by and on the other hand it seems like an age since we were in Stratford on Avon.

We have been back in the marina for the last week, while there I have been catching up with some maintenance tasks, the engine boards have been painted, inside hatch doors and rear doors varnished. I also changed the two engine alternator belts, the one below was in a sorry state. 

I bought new ones from the local car parts shop for £6.99 each, Midland Chandlers wanted a whopping £18.50 for each one.

This activity has been intermingled with some time out with friends.

We are now back out on the canal chugging along the T&M towards Tixall for a few days, it's cold enough for hats gloves and thermals - for this crew at least  - who have not been in temps hovering around zero for a couple of years. Which has reminded me that it is time to renew the antifreeze in FL's cooling system.

Early morning bovines

This could almost be canal art for Halloween 

Trick or treat!