Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Rain started play this morning, we sat tight till it stopped and got going at 1000 hrs .
Good name.
Liz was still in when we past through Windsor

Flower pot men at Boveney Lock.

We met an elderly Welsh couple at Old Windsor Lock

 who will retire from boating this season, their boat is  up for sale. Although they did tell us they have given up boating three times before but after a few weeks off the water they usually buy another boat.

Windsor was packed with moored boats, it was a good job we didn't want to stop there this time. On the way down Sue had spotted a good mooring on a peninsula at the entrance to Windsor Race Course Yacht Basin, it was a bit tricky getting ropes to land, I had to wield the boat hook at the undergrowth to cut back the stinging nettles. Managed to get the stern line with spring on and the centre line. The bow line is attached to the limb of a tree but is not very sturdy but we don't really need it . 

Our private mooring.

Youngsters Dragon boating

The day is ending how it started with clouds  and breeze but no rain, tomorrow is expected to be a scorcher.

On a sad note I have just found out  that  John Freeman has died at the age of 96, he pioneered the fiberglass production techniques that allowed boats to be built conveyor belt style. We had a lot  of enjoyment in a boat built at his factory.

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