Saturday, 28 April 2018

Back on Board...

.... our daughter kindly collected us from Heathrow and deposited us back to the boat after we spent the night in Dunchurch Park hotel. 

It was blowing a hooley by the time we had sorted the boat and headed out of Barby marina, the rain made for a damp welcome home. 

Nikita tillered to Braunston - through the tight bridge 'oles, plenty of traffic, narrow sections and tight bends, taking to it like a duck to water, this being her first time at the tiller. 

We spent the night at skinny bridge before returning to Braunston to drop Nikita off to make her way to Gatwick and a flight home.

'Manly Ferry' Paul  was feeling well enough to pay us a visit today while we were in Braunston bringing along little Bombo for a good catch up and a cuppa aboard FL.

We have decided not to head for the Thames this year, from here we are going to head North Westish, probably heading for Stratford on Avon first.

There's a yellow weather warning in place from Sunday morning until Tuesday so cruising  will be fun.