Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Good sunshine today when we set off. Broadmoor Lock was the first lock we encountered and we were third in the queue to go through in front a crew from Copenhagen on a hire boat, behind us a Kiwi crew on their own boat which they have continuously cruised for the last seven years.

The Danish captain asked me for tips on reversing, a narrow boat is notoriously difficult to get to go backwards in a straight line, but I do know the technicality's of doing so, so I'm very happy to give my european cousin this information. "plenty of revs in reverse with the odd forward pulse to keep the bow in line " I proffer. In practise this has never worked well for me, maybe I should of said  "ask those Kiwi's behind me" or " bow thruster helps".

European cousins

The grey haired wrinkly one has been walking the tow path between locks and helping pushing lock gates open, yesterday she even wound a paddle up, this is all very good therapy for her even though some of those muscles will ache in the morning.
Lock gate opening

Walking between locks

Fenny Compton Tunnel

This bridge is called The Wedding Bridge but I haven't found out why.

Fenny Compton was busy with no mooring spaces available so we cruised on in a very shallow pound for three miles and are now moored above Knotts Bridge (130).

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