Saturday, 10 August 2013


Sandford has a mini farmers market in the village hall on a Saturday morning, we were there on the dot of opening at 0830 hrs. We purchased some milk, paper, veg, black pudding and some sausages, it was a pleasant stroll to the hall, over the lock gates through the now quiet pub garden past the church and through the recreational field.

Once back at the boat we readied her and got on our way , through Iffley Lock and the rowing club buildings come thick and fast, Christ Church Meadow is on the north bank and some farmland on the south with housing behind. Once through Folly Bridge and the moored Salters trip boats narrowing the river traffic to single file we are in the City. We did try to moor before the bridge but the only available space had an underwater obstruction so we had to continue though Osney Lock where we found a suitable mooring.

We walked into the City and to the Ashmolean Museum where we spent a couple of hours looking at all the acquired material. There was also an exhibition of drawings by great artist's including Michelangelo, Reubens, Turner and Cezanne. Then we spent an enjoyable stroll around some of Oxford's famous buildings.

Iffley Lock Keepers cottage.

5* Randolph Hotel.

Excellent street mime artist
Bursar protecting an entrance 

The Carfax Tower Quarter Boys chime every 15 mins

Start the kids young in Oxford

I think this is Christ Church college

The Radcliffe Camera 

St Mary Oxford University Church

Candle's lit for my parents and Sue's dad Tom

Inside courtyard of  The Old Bodleian

Refreshment in the Turf Tavern a small glass of Spitting Feathers 

Below are various pictures taken in Trinity College.



Hogwarts Trinity dining hall.

Door to the President's private garden.

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