Wednesday, 2 January 2019

New year

It was a quiet new years eve for us only broken by the fireworks that woke us up at midnight!

We needed clear heads for the first day of 2019 to take part in the new years day dip, a phenomenon that is played out on beaches  the world over.

A bracing start to the new year, there are many places warmer than the Med to take the plunge and a considerable amount a lot cooler.

I used to be towel man as I watched Sue taking a swim in the Irish sea on this day year after year - I could never be tempted to bare skin in those frigid temperatures.

Here in Mojacar  in honour of our mate Elaine McBride who this annual event is named, around 100 dippers took the plunge to raise money for good causes. Organised by Brad the unofficial mayor of this parish and his wife Ann. Well done to them both.