Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mercia Marina

We didn't go through any locks yesterday as Sue didn't sleep well and because of safety I didn't want tired crew operating the locks, so we pulled in before Coventry Road bridge 109 almost opposite Napton Narrowboats.

We are moored behind a strange looking craft, this is the stern, viewed from the bow it is identical apart from the entrance. I always marvel at those that can see past a vessels built for purpose and
transform it into a home.

I had my first crew knock at the side hatch and say they read the blog. They have started this same journey in March, in my excitement at actually meeting someone new who actually reads the blog we didn't find out their names until the  following morning. Richard and Valari  on NB Stardust all the way from Colorado USA  "It was nice to meet you if only briefly, hope this chapter in your lives is as fulfilling as ours, we will have that red wine next time we meet".


The hills are grey in a misty morning as we set of for Braunston, we are actually in traffic three boats in front and two behind, that's a first for us. Coming the other way are numerous hire boats going back to there bases in Wigrams and Napton, one has a little bit of trouble getting into the narrow cut into Wigrams and I hold back until he has safely negotiated the turn. I think about mooring a mile out of Braunston but a shout to a passing boat tells me there are plenty of moorings in Braunston further along a shout again and it's changed to rammed packed there. We carry on regardless and as we make the Braunston turn, there is one space for us on the 14 day visitor moorings.
We will be hanging around in Braunston  until Wednesday as we need to hire a car on Tuesday to take Betty home to Somerset and I know Enterprise will pick us up from here.

Lunch time Betty treated us all to a meal in the Admiral Nelson and a glass of Timothy Taylor's Ale.
On the way back to the boat Sue and Betty walked up the Hill to the village to the butchers and I went down the hill to Braunston Chandlery . I must be a chandlers proprietors dream customer as I go in with a purpose to buy one thing, in this case a replacement LED light fitting and come out with several items  I didn't know I required, the more time I spend looking the more I notice things I haven't got, might need or would like to try out.

We have decided we will winter at Mercia Marina mainly because we visited it when we were looking to buy a boat and liked the look of the place. Plus out of all the marina's I emailed they were the only one who gave me direct answers to my questions. The others just pointed me to their web site.
Seems strange thinking about the winter already but this year is going so quickly, feels like we have only been on the boat a few weeks instead of 4 months!


Elly and Mick said...

Hi guys,
We like Mercia too. It was our first pick for this winter but they wouldn't allocate us a pontoon. We wanted to be near a facility block and not on a pontoon that has boats nose to nose as well as side by side. It's a long time with no view from the windows so we would rather have bow and stern free from neighbours. So...... we will be back at Aston where they gave us a choice of actual berth, not just pontoon. We do really like the coffee shop at Mercia, much nicer than Aston in that regard. And, having chandlery on siteis a real bonus.

Andy said...

We hadn't considered Aston,but looking at their comprehensive workshop facilities it could suit us better.(we have some internal alterations we would like done) May have a rethink. Mercia have emailed us a pontoon and berth number but no choices.