Thursday, 4 June 2020

Covid 19, blood pressure and pig poo.

If you want to be informed and enlightened about what is going on with Covid 19 and viruses in general watch the whole of this interview( 1hr 20min)with Dr Zach who predicted Covid 19. He made sense to me.

He explains how the millions of people (like me) who take blood pressure pills or have flu jabs are more susceptible to the disease. At one point a festering lake of pig shit at a farm that is so toxic it can't be transported is mentioned. ...yuk.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

The Epping Stove.

The Epping stoves firebricks need replacing, I had done a temporary bodge repair over the last two winters by cementing the cracks. It's a job I have been meaning to do for a while, I purchased the new firebricks in 2018. 

On this type of stove, the stovetop has to be removed, to get the top off the flue has to come out, to get the flue out the roof collar had to be removed. 

Collar removed
To get to the collar nuts I cut two extra holes to get a tool on. 


Stove top

The strap stops the sides springing with the top removed

After giving the inside a good clean, it was obvious that the unit needed to be completely stripped down to reseal the oven and firebox, renew the insulation and repair a small crack to the smokebox.

So we took the decision to take it to a restorer in Bristol, where they will blast clean it using the latest Wheelabrator technology, fix any damage, treat internal surfaces with several coats of VHT paint, and black lead the exterior. They promise me the stove will come back looking like new, I have seen their work before and I am looking forward to its return in September.