Saturday, 3 August 2013


This mornings weather was quite windy, and cool when the sun ducked behind a cloud. Sue went back into town for a paper and something for tomorrow's meal. There was a regatta on the Henley course today so the river was restricted to passage along the north bank, we had to thread our way past the downstream traffic and competitors making there way to the start line.

For Marsh Lock on yesterday's blog please read Hambledon Lock, Marsh Lock was the first of todays two locks the other being Shiplake Lock.

Shiplake Lock

We have now moored at Sonning village which is spoilt by the busy B478 that goes through it.
The first time we moored in this spot  we had my old mate Joppo his wife  Carol and young family come on board, sadly Joppo is no longer with us.

Uri Geller the spoon bender
Jimmy Page guitarist with Led Zeppelin
Glen Hoddle ex England footballer and manager
are all residents of the village.

We have to pay our mooring fee by posting £10 through a slot in Uri's garden fence.

Uri takes his security very seriously, eight camera's watching every movement, while looking after his security they also look after ours.

He also has a sense of humour.

Rather an eccentric place is Sonning , how do they post the letters. Apparently some old fellow has fun putting this in all sorts of unusual places , he did have it on the church tower but was told to remove it.
Last post is 5pm.

St Andrews Sonning

Sue had a little snooze this afternoon while I had a walk around the village and had a glass of Summer Ale in The Bull Inn.
The Bull Inn


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