Friday, 9 August 2013

Ginger Plum Cake

Weather was showery first thing this morning but by lunchtime the showers had passed and the warm sun and breeze took over. We have decided to stay put for another night and do some odd jobs around the boat.  I have also mended 3 punctures on the beer hunter. Sue has made a wonderful ginger and plum cake with the plums we foraged for the other day.

We shall move on tomorrow and if we can find a space to moor around Oxford we will do some of the touristy things. I would like to go to the oldest public museum in Britain, the Ashmolean  which first opened it's doors in 1683 and has a large collection of material dug from the shores of the upper Thames. 

Oxford is a bit like Windsor to us in that we have been there often but never really took in the sights so if we get the chance this time we will take it.

I took the beer hunter for a spin today as the tyres are firmer than they have been for a while, I managed to get as far as The Isis Farmhouse, which since 2008 is now a sort of licensed cafe but in my day was the Isis Tavern, here I tried a glass of Cotswold Wheat beer, which will not be in my top ten ales at the end of the season, they should concentrate on their ales and not the jam and scones.

Tonight we had a meal in the Kings Arms at Sandford, acceptable usual Chef and Brewer fare, we did invite our friends to join us but they fobbed us off with a story about Canadian visitors and family from Lnondon descending on them. Oh well looking on the brightside they did inform us our annual October Holiday together is all booked :)

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