Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Rain started play this morning, we sat tight till it stopped and got going at 1000 hrs .
Good name.
Liz was still in when we past through Windsor

Flower pot men at Boveney Lock.

We met an elderly Welsh couple at Old Windsor Lock

 who will retire from boating this season, their boat is  up for sale. Although they did tell us they have given up boating three times before but after a few weeks off the water they usually buy another boat.

Windsor was packed with moored boats, it was a good job we didn't want to stop there this time. On the way down Sue had spotted a good mooring on a peninsula at the entrance to Windsor Race Course Yacht Basin, it was a bit tricky getting ropes to land, I had to wield the boat hook at the undergrowth to cut back the stinging nettles. Managed to get the stern line with spring on and the centre line. The bow line is attached to the limb of a tree but is not very sturdy but we don't really need it . 

Our private mooring.

Youngsters Dragon boating

The day is ending how it started with clouds  and breeze but no rain, tomorrow is expected to be a scorcher.

On a sad note I have just found out  that  John Freeman has died at the age of 96, he pioneered the fiberglass production techniques that allowed boats to be built conveyor belt style. We had a lot  of enjoyment in a boat built at his factory.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Got a text message from Nikita at 0200hrs saying they were both tucked up in bed on the Ferry.

We woke up without any sunshine for the first time in weeks'.

Sylar left  his favourite toy behind so Sue went to the village post office to send it to him. We left our mooring at Shepperton  after the rain had stopped around 1400hrs, we had to put jumpers on to keep warm. We had a call from my brother Alan as we passed through Penton Hook Lock and arranged to meet him at The Swan in Staines.

I had a glass of Seafarers Ale with Alan in the pub's patio area while Sue went into Staines for a few items. We got going through Staines bridge and then thought where should we moor for the night, the sun was shining by now and it was turning into a lovely evening so we decided to turn and moor in our favourite moorings just before Penton Hook Lock. The moorings are to grass and the owners of the houses on the towpath keep them neatly clipped, if you're not in the know you'd think they were private moorings. 

I set the satelite dish up for the first time in ages and promptly turned the TV off as I couldn't find anything of interest. Now while I type this Sue has caught eight roach and a bleak.

Oops how did that get on the boat.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Spoke to Steve the lock keeper here at Shepperton about the possibility of getting a permanent mooring at the lock yesterday. He said he would enquire for me. I thought no more of it until this morning he came knocking at the door telling me it's mine if I want it. We thought about it for awhile but as much as it would be nice to be back in Shepperton it doesn't fit in with our plans for the boat. Plus it was too expensive at £3500.

Mike came over with his dog Daisy and we went for a long walk along the river to Chertsey where the two dogs played in the river for a good half hour. We wanted to tire Sylar out so he would sleep on the journey home later.

Had to say goodbye to Nikita and Sylar this evening as they head back to the Isle of Man via the ferry from Heysham. We have had a wonderful couple of weeks with them but work dictates that Nikita has to return, hopefully she might  find work this side of the water one day and be able to visit more often in the future. Sue was a bit tearful as they left, she is going to miss her baby.

All packed and ready to roll

Sylar doesn't look too happy to be leaving.

Before Nikita left she bought me this belated father's day present. I'll have to get the bike's punctures mended now and get out hunting again.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Expensive beer

Well the most expansive beer  I have ever bought has gone up from £4.75 a pint at The Bishop in Kingston to £5.50 for a bottle of Guardsman at the Macdonald Hotel

Best boy Shivam

While us whom drove yesterday, have been up early and looking after pets, those that made use of the free bar have been laying in till midday.

Sylar looking pensive.

This afternoon we had visitors  my cousin Anita and hubby Michael along with Bob and Marilyn. 

We had a glass or two of vino on the boat, before we went to Thames Court for drinks with Jason , Priti and special small man Shivam.



This morning after walking the dog with Nikita I made use of being on the pontoon with water supply to hose and wash both sides of the boat including roof.

The girls went off to our friends house nearby to make themselves beautiful for our nephew's wedding, leaving me the whole boat to myself so that I might make myself presentable.

The Bride's closest family
With groom's parents

Jason & Priti surrounded by friends

Four brothers

Nikita enjoying the day.

The proud father speech.

Mr & Mrs

The Guildhall was a perfect setting for the ceremony with some very influential faces looking down on the proceedings from hook's on the wall's

Jason and Priti  make a perfect couple and we wish them the very best for their future together.

Friday, 26 July 2013

In Short

Haven't done much today, had our friends and their grandson Alex on board for a short cruise in between locks, they will be dog sitting Sylar tomorrow.

I have organised a mooring for two days on the Environment Agency revenue moorings behind Shepperton lock.

Lunch time I had a beer with friends in The Harrow and in the evening we all had our tea in Thames Court garden.

Both Sue and Nikita have been catching perch and roach at the end of the pontoon whilst I type this.

Doggie paddling pool


Girls went into Kingston to do more shopping while I looked after Sylar. Once we were all back on board we cruised back to Shepperton as Mike was collecting Nikita to go and pick her car up from the Thames and Kennet Marina in Reading.

In the evening we were invited to Mike & Viv's for a nice meal, a glass of Abbot Ale and a good laugh. While the two dogs tired themselves out playing in and out of the doggie paddling pool.

Was a great evening ...Thank you.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bishop of Residence

I was up and out at 0600 hrs with the dog walking from our mooring near Hampton Court Bridge to Kingston Bridge and back. It was a lovely walk along the towpath in the early sunshine, joggers and cyclists were out in force and we met a few hounds and their owners on the way. We arrived back at the boat at 0830 hrs ready for breakfast. I had 2 x bacon, sausage, fried bread, beans, toast, bubble & squeak and coffee in the local cafe over the bridge. The dog had some granular stuff with water on the boat.

We set off about 1100hrs and passed Ravens Ait Island

Pirate type vessel
Kingston hasn't done a great job with its waterside vista's

Kingston upon Thames bridge built-in 1828 to replace an earlier wooden one.

We are now moored on the edge of Bushy Park

The girls went into town for some girlie stuff and Sue was glad to find a Whittards as the one in Windsor had shut down. Sue enjoys the Turkish apple tea which we had run out of, so the cupboard is now well stocked with her favourite blends.

I also went into town when they returned, for a new bicycle pump, some fuses, and a 13ml spanner for that tricky bolt on the fuel filter. I also popped into the Bishop of Residence for a cool drink where I had the most expensive pint I have ever bought £4.75 and it was served in one of those floppy plastic glasses because I wanted to sit in the garden. I won't be going back there in a hurry.

I cooked tea tonight another of my one pot specials . Sausage leek and potato hash.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


There were a few thunderstorms with rain around the area today so we waited for them to pass and then headed through, Shepperton and Sunbury lock to Molsey Lock to fill the water tank.

The new Walton Bridge only opened for traffic yesterday.

Lara Croft 


Pink Floyds Dave Gilmour's recording studio.

Houseboats of all sizes.

Nice stern!

British Waterways Pegasus looking unloved.

Pleasure boat.

At Molsey we picked up two visitors my brother Mike and his golden retriever Daisy. The two dogs got on well as we cruised down to Kingston, turned and returned to moor outside Hampton Court Palace. I bet Henry VIII would never imagine that one day there would be diesel-engined narrow boats  moored at the bottom of his garden

Hampton Court Palace


Moored at Hampton Court Palace

Sylar took a shine to Mike.

We took the dogs for a swim in the Thames, Sylar likes to charge in and out the water chasing a ball but Daisy prefers to stay in the water and swim between splashes made by stones thrown by Mike.

Only one brother left to visit.