Friday, 2 August 2013

Pie eyed Pirates

Overcast day as we set of this morning at 0845hrs. No other boats were moving so we had the river to ourselves for awhile. Before Marlow Lock is the Scouts Boating Centre

and after the lock is Marlow's impressive suspension bridge

After stopping at Hurley Lock to fill the water tank and dump rubbish we were overtaken by Mr Inconsiderate without a nod or wink in our direction Sue ran through the cabin and on to the front deck and bellowed "Good Morning" this was met with a "hello" back. Well that's a start.

As we waited for Marsh Lock I walked up to the lock chamber to see three hired day boats with young men and women dressed up as pirates and sailors in the early stages of intoxication.They are having a jolly time. I saw whisky, beer, wine and champagne bottles, I do hope they get back to base safely, no one was wearing a life jacket. Two of the boats are pictured below the guy on the back of the first boat is firing champagne corks at the second boat. I expect they will be mooring at 'daddy's pile' for a BBQ.

Through Marsh Lock and we are in Henley and we decide to moor on the  meadows before the Bridge. Hang on there is somebody cheerily waving at us from the fly bridge of a moored boat as we pass, no it can't be, it is, someone we will never call Mr. Inconsiderate again. He's been 'Festina'ized and is now a happy boating chappie.

Neatly clipped bush's in Henley.

We had a stroll into town to find Waitrose for supplies. Then got the deck chairs out on the bank for some people/boat watching although it got quite windy and cool to the point where we got back in the cabin for me to blog and Sue to cook the tea.

Moored Henley

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