Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Pig Place revisited

Bright sun this morning, the overnight darkness has transformed the grey sky of yesterday.

As we leave Lower Heyford the channel narrows with boats moored on one bank and overgrown vegetation on the other which makes passing other moving boats a bit of a chore. At the heavy Mill Lift Bridge Sue enlists the help of a local woman and together they make light work of its bulk.
The scenery from here is mostly hidden by a thin tall wall of Willow, Sycamore, Hawthorn, Elder Blackberry and Bull Rushes, beyond this is open farmland with distant hills.

We pass a farm with two rain coated thoroughbred horses who have freedom to roam to the water edge.

We disturbed a lace work of fibreglass poles across the canal who's friendly owners are out trying to win top prize.

I wait at the pretty Allens Bridge and Lock while Sue helps another crew through first. The lock is the other side of the bridge and it's a bit of a dog leg to get into , I manage to biff both sides as  I wiggle Festina in.
Allens Bridge

Sommerton church tower peeps above the woodland in the distance and this heralds our arrival at Sommerton Deep Lock. The historic working boat 'Nuneaton' is just pulling the butty 'Brighton' through when we arrive.

We caught up with the pair again at Nell Bridge Lock where they were hauling a deep draughted boat that had got caught on the sill into the lock.

When we past through here in June, the fields were lush greens and bright yellows today they are dry and brownish.

We stopped at the Pig Place again and bought some sausages and ate a pork burger for lunch. We have pulled onto the towpath side opposite the Pig Place to moor for the night.

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