Saturday, 19 July 2014

Yamaha Roses

It was raining when the kettle went on the gas at 08:00 for our morning brew, the on board wrinkly is now on canal time. Radio 2 'Sounds of the 60's' program is playing an Evie Sands number, the smell of bacon grilling is permeating FL, what is it about the sizzling  smell of rashers grilling that get the hunger buds to go into over drive.

A few hardy boaters are moving  through the damp scenery, I spotted one with a Yamaha SR125 (complete with traditional roses painted on the tank) strapped to the stern.

Amazingly the phone and wifi signal are both excellent even though there aren't any substantial communities for miles around.

I'm posting this early today(11:00) as we are going into a place that was a network black hole for us last year, that's if we decide to move at all today.

Happy Birthday to Dot, we hope to meet up with Dot and Gordon (NB Ewn ha Cul) on the Thames somewhere this year.

Birthday girl Dot with hubby Gordon.

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