Thursday, 24 July 2014


The high bank and trees on the east bank put paid to viewing the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony last night. Today it looks like its going to be another scorcher.

The birthday girl was still in bed when I got up to make the tea. A cox less pair and a coxed four are being put through their paces,  shouted instruction through  megaphones directed from following coaching launches. Cards and gifts open, bacon banjo's eaten we pulled the pins at 10:00 through Whitchurch lock and beneath the new Whitchurch Toll Bridge still under construction, we pulled in on Pangbourne meadow and put the pins back in at 11:00.

I spent the afternoon sitting on the bank watching boats of all sizes and description  while cleaning one of the brass roof mushroom vents while Sue and Betty watched 'Mrs Browns boy's' pick up a gold and silver in the triathlon.

Exiting Whitchurch  lock

Toll Bridge


Birthday meal at the Swan, Pangbourne.

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