Monday, 28 July 2014


The TZ40 camera I bought in January has a fault, half of the LCD screen has vertical lines on it and it's difficult to view the picture you are going to take. No bother, a two year warranty came with it, I'll take it back to Curry's and get a replacement... wrong. The chap in Curry's Staines branch told me the exchange policy is only for the first 28days, not only that but the warranty doesn't cover the screen! He offered to send it away for me but I would have to pay for the repair. Not happy with that I politely refused his offer, deciding to take it up with Panasonic directly. To cut a long story short Panasonic use a third party to do their warranty work and it will be going to them for a foc repair.

We left the marina at 15:00 hours after washing the port side, some laundry, a trip to B&Q and taking the hire car back to Enterprise. We felt a few spots of rain under darkening sky's as we made our way through wide stretches of the river, just glimpsing the large Oracle shopping centre on the banks of the River Kennet, leaving Reading behind we cruise to Sonning Lock who's lock side plants were in full bloom, the lock garden has been opened up as a tea garden, 11:00-17:00. Not sure if this is an EA enterprise of if the lock keeper is supplementing his income.

Out of the lock and under the picturesque, red bricked, eleven arched Sonning bridge. To starboard the old mill now an upmarket restaurant used to grind the flour for Huntley & Palmers biscuits factory at Reading.
Sonning is a small village that shouts unashamedly of it's prosperity and affluence from every brick, tile and gated driveway. We moored up just past Uri Geller's pad for the night.

Sonning Bridge from out the side hatch
View from side hatch
www picture of Sonning Bridge

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