Saturday, 5 July 2014

Resting on the Grand Union Canal

Friday - We are sitting tight today, a bit more convalescing for Sue while I try and work out why the water pump trips out while using the washing machine but for showering and general tap use it's fine.

Although bright there is a strong wind blowing but it is still very warm and plenty of boats are on the move, showers started in the evening.

I found a very loose wire in a spade connection on the pressure switch that controls the PSI from the pump. I fitted a new spade connection and hope that is the problem solved.

We spent the evening playing games of ipad scrabble and watching world cup football.

There is a very aggressive protective swan on this stretch of canal we have seen him chase down passing narrowboats pecking at the stern button, he also brings his family along and taps on the window when he wants feeding.

Here comes Rocky.


Rocky seeing off another boat.

Saturday - The day started off wet but soon dried up with some warm sunshine. To change scenery we had a slow cruise down towards Napton Junction  a distance of around a mile. Moored up by Flecknoe farm, we did a wash load but the pump is still tripping the switch, so back to the drawing board. Sue got to use the new whirleygig for the first time, although she can't reach to peg the washing on.

Whirleygig support.

We sat on the bank watching the world go by and reading , Sue with her foot up. The canal  has been very busy today so lots of acknowledgements, a passing blog reader skippering NB Barbara Anne kindly enquired how Sue's ankle was healing. 

Todays view.


Lisa said...

We were near to you unknowingly, that swan was attacking a boat's rudder next to us!
Hope Sue is on the mend too.

Andy said...

Thank's Lisa, Sue is on the mend, we are going to hire a car and go to her Mum's for the weekend, that should keep her of the ankle for awhile. The swan saw us of when we pulled pins too.

Andy .