Saturday, 26 July 2014

Thames and Kennet marina

Friday- Pulled the pins at Pangbourne at 08:00 and went at 1000 revs over FL's tick over speed through the rising mist, even at this speed we passed an aircraft carrier size hire boat that was enjoying the same time of day cruise, we surmised that it was the last day of their hire and they didn't want to get back to the Caversham base too early, we shared Mapledurham and Caversham lock's with the German crew.

Our plan for the day was to moor in the Thames and Kennet marina and get rid take Betty back to Somerset. Betty has really enjoyed her two week holiday and can't wait to return again! Enterprise was an hour late collecting us, the traffic was horrendous on the A303 the journey taking an hour and a half longer than the Sat Nag suggested.

We were back on board a very hot FL by 20:00

We plan to stay put for the weekend as we are off to Shepperton on Sunday for a garden party, Thames & Kennet charge £15 per night for a 25 foot pontoon, washing the boat is going to be difficult.

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