Monday, 14 July 2014

Napton locks

Once the car was returned we set off, unfortunately while admiring a Dutch barge moored close to the entrance (blocked my view a bit) I pulled straight out on to Napton Junction without looking properly , the skipper that had to put full reverse avoidance throttle on didn't look impressed. 

We moored at Napton bottom lock and I wandered to the boat behind to apologise and offer him the lock first, apology accepted, the lock was graciously refused. Note to self: must pay more attention.... Head teacher Troy's words echoing from my past.

Sue valiantly managed the locks with Betty helping open the lighter bottom gates and me opening the larger top gates, we all did a share of the windlass duties. A good team effort got FL to our mooring spot just south of Marston Doles. Another 31 locks to do until we are on the Thames.

You can just make out the sail's of the windmill on top of Napton Hill

Zoomed in.

The Water Buffalo herd is increasing

This little chap wouldn't stand to have his picture taken

Bull rushes

Sue taking FL into the lock perfectly.

Grass snake on the lock gate at Napton top lock.

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