Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Beale Park

This morning the meadow was full of cows, Betty refused to walk through them so a slow jaunt up to Wittenham Clumps was off the agenda.

We pulled pins at 10:00 and straight into Days Lock and out on the lower level to do the dumpables at the facility. We stopped at Wallingford for lunch, Sue and Betty went for supplies, Sue wanted to get something for Betty's birthday which is tomorrow, I stayed on FL sitting on the slide hatch watching the world go by.

I was bitten 5 times yesterday by horse flies, three times on my back, once on the knee, and again on my hand which overnight has swollen up. I hear it is the good weather that has brought the toothy little blighter's out, but the weather was the same last year and I didn't get bitten once, I blame last years mild winter that didn't kill of their grubs, and the lack of horses using the tow paths these days.

We were going to moor at Beale Park but all the suitable moorings were taken, so we back tracked to the meadow where the farmer was threshing hay and found a spot.

Wittenham Clumps and cows

EA lock gates don't leak like C&RT ones.


Think I need one of these protective suits.

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