Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ship Mate Mishap.

I was up early to make sure FL was shipshape for the Commodores return. Once clean it was into the village to the butcher of Braunston for pie's, pasty's, sausages, bacon and pork loins. A bottle of milk from the local store then a slow amble down the hill past the quintessential English country scene of  two horses in a field, over the bridge and along the tow path back to FL.

Sue duly arrived safely at lunch time, FL passed muster. We decided on a walk down to the Admiral Nelson for lunch, on the way Sue unfortunately got stung by a wasp. At the pub I opted for the buffalo burger (after seeing them in the Napton fields I thought I'd give them a go) Sue had a steak baguette and we both quenched our thirsts with fizzy water.

While enjoying  a relaxed slow lunch watching boats use the lock we got talking to the skipper of the boat who travel the canal doing gigs at canal side establishments, they will be at the Admiral Nelson tomorrow.

We set off back to FL, crossed the bridge and took the steep steps down to the towpath, here Sue took a tumble, that second glass of fizzy water did it, twisted her ankle and was in tearful pain. I sat her down and a helpful gentleman in the beer garden fetched ice in a tea towel. We sat for 20 minutes with the ice cooling her damaged ankle before  she managed to limp back to the boat to elevate it, she will have to keep of it for a few days at least.

View towards Braunston bottom lock

That scene on the walk from the village

Volockie having a rest.

A rather large lunch.

The Admiral

Poorly ankle, that will be black and blue tomorrow.


Nb Yarwood said...

Fizzy water? Stick to beer Sue, obviously the water has an adverse affect on your balance!
You are going to be tender for a few days but hopefully no serious damage has been done.
X Lesley

Andy said...

Nothing serious Lesley but with being stung as well it just wasn't her day. Doombar in future, she's never fallen over drinking that.