Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mines better than yours!

Didn't get away from our Henley Park mooring smart enough this morning, the park ranger clobbered me for a £9 mooring fee.

It is another glorious summers day to enjoy our cruise down to Cookham. A short while after passing over the regatta course and past Temple Island, we arrive at Hambledon Lock which is busy with boats, we tread water as the lock landing is full. Through the lock and past it's large weir the river passes a few heavily wooded islands and the odd wooden boat house on the banks, 3 miles further and we approach Hurley Lock, the congestion we had earlier has now gone and we are soon through the lock. The river bank by Harleyford Marina is lined with expensive cruisers and barges lying idle for their weekend skippers. Slipped through Temple Lock, passing Bisham to starboard and under the fine 1832 iron Marlow Bridge, keeping the horse shoe weir to starboard we enter Marlow lock, our last lock today. Because of our late start this morning we weren't holding up much hope of getting a decent mooring spot on Cookham Moor and we were right, but luck was with us, a space on the rings before the bridge was just FL size. £6 mooring charge.

Overheard in Harleyford lock, a chap at the lock is watching the boats (gongoozling), while a very plummy Toff is taking his palatial river cruiser through the lock.

Gongoozler "I have one of these boats, how do you get on with it's width"

Toff  "Admirably old chap, I find that when one has guest's for luncheon the beam is just about right for four to six  people...... do you have a stern thruster on yours"

Gongoozler "Just a bow thruster"

Toff's voice finds another plum and gets louder. "Oh dear.. this has stern as well as the bow thruster and I wouldn't be without it, best thing about the boat, saves all that scuffing on the sides don't you know"

Gonggoozler "You have a large scuff on this side"

Toff "I've been reliably informed that is just dirt! Good day to you"

Henley Bridge

A view to Temple Island


Old Father Thames

Passing Bisham Abbey

Marlow Bridge

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