Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fenny Compton

Not so bad today didn't get woken up by wrinkly till 07:00. We had a sunny 3 hour cruise through fields of dried rapeseed and wheat some of which were being harvested, cows and sheep heads down scoffing lush green grass, hunting birds hovering overhead, the usual coots, moorhens, swans and late broods of ducklings share the water. We passed the villages of Priors Hardwick and Wormleighton to port as the canal follows the contours of the hills, feels like a natural waterway as it meanders around the contours of the hills to Fenny Compton.

We had a walk up to the Wharf Inn for a pint of Brakspears in the garden.

Early evening while I bash the keys on the PC and Sue reads, the outlaw is bashing knitting needles together, click click click .

We do get on really, she bought me a pint.

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