Monday, 14 July 2014

Outlaw Guests

Sunday still at Wigrams, we hired a car from Enterprise for the weekend, I usually get a 1.0L litre Chevy Spark but on this occasion they rented me a Chinese owned MG 6 turbo,  pressed the avoid motorway button on the satnav, this increases the journey time only by 15mins, so off we go on the 6 hour round trip  to remove the Grey haired wrinkly outlaw from Somerset and install her on the boat for two weeks!....I'm either a saint or want my marbles checked.

It's always a struggle finding stowage space especially when a guest turns up at the gangplank with 5 bags of stuff!, this get's moved on and of the bed as the stuff or bed is needed. The dinette has to be dismantled at night to make a spare bed and rebuilt each morning which doesn't take long but it's a pain all the same.

We made use of the car doing a Tesco shop and a drive to Weedon Bec to have Sunday lunch at the NarrowBoat Inn.

Monday- the wrinkly one has us awake at 06:00 with a cheery "Good morning " on the way into the bathroom. We are up showered, tea, coffee, bacon banjo's and dinette rebuilt by 07:00 !!  The sun is up and already warm, swans, ducks and a coot are at the kitchen window. As soon as FL is serviced and the car returned we shall be on our way.

Sue's ankle has healed to the point where she can walk ok but not sure about pushing lock gates open though, she is willing to give it ago... Betty can help.


Diane and Ray said...

After you stow the 5 bags where will you stow the MIL?
Glad to see that you have discovered the other 6 o'clock in the day

Paul and El said...

Does she read the blog?? We had my mum on Caxton for 2 weeks, sent El nuts!

Andy said...

She's not a blog reader Paul .... she gives as good as she gets anyway.

Andy said...

Installed on my chair ... I'm on the step.