Saturday, 2 August 2014

Visitor day

Last nights Chinese takeaway with Sue, Glyn, Christine and Alex, Cath was there to.

Christine and Alex walked Buddy the Labrador puppy to the boat, Mike turned up with Daisy a fully grown retriever. So the boat was full, Daisy had to tell a frisky Buddy to behave himself. Christine brought the repaired TZ40 with her, very  happy with the fast service from DKavs Ltd, I only sent it for repair Tuesday, I shall be contacting Curry's to get them to re reimburse the £7.25 I spent on postage.

We had some more visitors this afternoon when Sue's friend Kim came to see us followed shortly after by Sue's Aunt and Uncle

Kim, Uncle Fred, Aunty Doreen and Sue.

Out again tonight with family to The Harrow followed by the Ivory Tusk, looking forward to that as I haven't had an Indian in ages. Tomorrow we plan to get on the River Wey, somewhere we have always wanted to visit but never got round to it for one reason or other.

The Harrow

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