Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Godalming Navigation

From Guildford Town Wharf the Wey re-invents it's self as The Godalming Navigation. We cast off under cloudy skies that threaten, they do exactly that and we stay dry and warm as the sun comes and goes all day. Under the Old Ferry footbridge is St Catherines sands a sandy beach area and cliff that the local children use to play in the water.

There are a couple of low bridges on the run into Godalming which FL scraped under with mm's to spare (play danger music). We didn't quite make it to the end of the navigation at Town bridge because we had to wind at the last possible place to do so for a craft of FL's size which was just in front of the horse boat Iona. Sue used the handy Sainsburys to buy some vittles and we started to retrace our steps back to the Thames. We stopped at National Trust's Dapdune Wharf to look at the exhibits especially Reliancethere were also some very good sound bite from the 1600's.

Heard back from Curry's they are reimbursing me my £7.25 postage and a further £2.75 to buy a drink.... result.

We are now moored just below Trigg's lock on the meadow, tomorrow Delboy lock!.

A meander roller helps tow ropes around the turns.

Green algae from a side stream


St Cath's sands.

Old boater sculpture

Reliance front cabin

The hold 

An old hollow tree with a gastric band holding it together

Relaxing bovines

Tonight's mooring.

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