Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Ewn ha Cul

A good nights sleep was disturbed by the Viber conversation that started at 07:20..... it's great to hear from the core. While we shook of the nights slumbers, showered and breakfasted we got updates of Ewn ha Cul progress towards Windsor. 

Here comes Dot & Gordon
After mooring Ewn ha Cul, we walked with crew Dot & Gordon  to watch the changing of the guard before having coffee at a local bistro. We decided while the girls did some shopping and visited the coiffeur, Gordon and I would replace the fuel filters on FL.  To cut a long story short after replacing the filters, a mouthful of diesel for me ( I do prefer the red) FL was ticking over perfectly.

By this time the girls had arrived back at the boats with new hair do's, it was of to find lunch. A few bars were looked at and dismissed before we settled in the Henry VI for pints of Doombar and champers.
A pub in Eton
 Somehow we found ourselves in Weatherspoons  Steak club day and the champers continued to flow.
A pub in Windsor
 On the walk back to the boat I was a little peckish and popped my head into a deli as I liked the look of the custard tarts on show, £5.50 each .... poke em.
Swans at 22:00

And again

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