Friday, 29 August 2014

Getting spliced in Fenny

A blustery day as we headed for Broadmoor Lock,  Ewn ha Cul's crew headed us and lifted a bottom paddle as they left each lock which aided our progress to the top of the Claydon flight of five locks. 

My rope work lesson continued today under the watchful eye of sea dog Gordon, today's lesson was spicing. I now have neatly spliced eyes in all the new rope's I purchased at last years Crick show ready to be used at the start of next years cruising season.                                                                                  
We spent a couple of hours in the Wharf Inn with glasses of Wychwood Piledriver, we also partook in the extensive menu which was very good indeed. Another nice evening in good company.
Fender maker at Broadmoor Lock

Lock side shed with chimney.

Sue is up there heaving the gates open.

My girl resting at top lock.

My eye splice.

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