Sunday, 3 August 2014

The River Wey

We let go of our Manor Park mooring at 09:00 and cruised around Desborough Island and used the cut to take us to the meeting of the Thames and River Wey navigation. We had to use the horn on a couple of occasions as scullers blindly arrowed towards FL's bow.

At the Wey we moored in the pound while I attended to getting a license, the Wey is managed by the National Trust and I was able to show my membership card and get a 10% discount on the £75 fee.

Toll paid we were through Thames Lock and FL glided effortlessly over the clear waters while we admired the beautiful homes on the Weybridge bank. Suburbia continued, through the dog leg turn to Town lock, past the Coxes Mill and lock, after New Haw lock, we pass with a railway bridge under the huge concrete M25 by Woodham Junction where the Basingstoke canal joins the Wey.

We are just becoming unsettled with passing row after row of housing with tiny back gardens when we pass under New Bridge and the rural Wey greets us, woods, farms and tree lined avenues letting the dappled sunlight glisten on the water. Ducks and coots enjoy the shade of the tall reeds and herons have their favourite fishing spots.

It's 13:30 when we moor up at The Anchor which is busy busy busy we both have half a glass of ale which we take to the garden to decide on the menu. I have to take my drink back as it has lipstick on it that isn't mine. We decide it's too busy for us here today and make our way through the adjacent lock, we moor in a vacant spot on the offside, not sure if this is a private mooring or not it's in amongst a multitude of  uninhabited vessels lining the bank. Oh well if we are asked to move we will.

An old Navigation

Pound lock before Thames lock

Thames Lock
Coxes lock and Mill

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