Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Catch up.

Monday- Another wet day, I decided to replace the three LED lights in the saloon that had failed. I had been meaning to do the job for a couple of months but as all retirees' will tell you 'I just couldn't find the time'.

Dot and Gordon arrived in Thrupp and pulled in two berths behind after Sue asked a less than pleased skipper to come out in the rain to move his boat up five feet. This done we all trotted over the lift bridge to the very comfortable Annie's tea rooms where we passed an interesting couple of hours chatting about boating and the world in general with Maffi, a stalwart of Blogdom, with his dog Molly.  We met up with them again in the bar of the Boat Inn for after-dinner drinks and continued discussions along with John from NB Epiphany.

Tuesday - Wet again at 09:30 when I opened the side hatch and had a boaters meeting with Dot and Gordon before I had my strides on. The plan was for Ewn ha Cul to set off while Sue got herself out of bed and we prepared FL for the off, we would then catch them up at Lower Heyford. This plan was shot to pieces when we set off at 11:00 and passed Ewn ha Cul fifty yards away waiting at the water point.  We did meet again at Lower Heyford but not as planned. While Sue cooked a Moussaka and Dot worked on her stained glass, Gordon and I took the opportunity to walk into the village to find the local hostelry. The Bell was shut, some of these rural pubs keep curious hours, we detoured to the mini shop at  Heyford Wharf for milk and eggs on the way back to the boats.

We all enjoyed the dinner aboard FL with a glass of red wine, the rest of the evening was spent playing Newmarket, a rather large stash of coins in Dot's corner of the table declared her the winner.

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