Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day's Lock

8am start destination Day's Lock. Sue & Dot went ahead and set Goring lock while the skippers untied the boats. We were joined in the lock by a hire boat, Sue helped them with their ropes where the man of the boat returned the favour at Cleeve lock by sprinting around the lock taking our ropes if only the lockies worked that quick! 

We breasted up at Day's Lock until a space came vacant for FL to fit against the bank which did become available after we returned from our walk into Dorchester for Sunday lunch at the George Hotel.

Tea on the bank was had in the warm sunshine before Gordon and I walked up  Whittenham Clumps for the panoramic view from the top. Sue was happily catching fish and Dot was being creative with her lead glass work.

Grey early morning

Nice sky.

FL and EHC


Late evening soup kitchen.

FL on her Days Lock mooring.

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