Friday, 29 August 2014

Bowlines beer and rolling pins

We left Kings Sutton at 08:00 had several short stops in Banbury, first to service FL, then for some 83p a litre fuel and a stop at Morrisons for supplies. After a good sunny cruise, we have ended up in Cropredy 22 days late for Fairport Convention.

While dinner was cooking Gordon and I walked to the village's Brasenose pub, over a couple of pints of Adnam's Broadside the old sea dog taught me how to tie knots with a length of cord he produced from his pocket. I listened carefully and practised enthusiastically and can now make a good fist of bowlines and hitches. Up until now, I have always sort of knitted FL to the bank, while this works to hold FL steady it will be nice to show off an efficient knot on her cleats, that's if I haven't forgotten my lesson by tomorrow. We were only 30 mins late back for dinner, a rolling pin was being waved at us menacingly from out of FL's side hatch............ my toad in the hole was just how I like it..... 'crispy'!

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