Thursday, 21 August 2014


We had a leisurely start to the day, pulling the pins at 08:30 for the two hour cruise to the head of the navigation at Lechlade. Again the morning is warm and sunny in the unshaded bits. More meandering through the twisty Thames, at Buscot lock we let a hire crew ahead of us as they asked so politely, they had to get the hire boat back by 09:30.

We moored FL at Thames lock so I could renew the Thames license that ran out today. For one day the charge is £38.50 and for a week it's £60, so we took the second option. My cunning plan to save a few pounds didn't quite work out, by not paying for a gold license this year and paying for a months Thames license  + an extra week and the C&RT fee we have paid the princely sum of  0.50p more than last year.

We had difficulty winding at the head of navigation as the bank had collapsed and narrowed the turning point, we collected a few leaves and twigs in the cratch but we got FL around.

We walked into the town, had a look around St Lawrence church and lit candles for departed family and friends. Picked up supplies in the superb butchers/deli/greengrocer had a glass of Thames Tickler in the Swan and lunch in the Riverside. Evening tea was taken at the Khushi Indian restaurant which can be thoroughly recommended  by both crews.

Last nights mooring in Kelmscot

The Roundhouse is the head of navigation.

I had the pedal version.

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