Saturday, 16 August 2014

Met an old mate in Goring.

The day starts bright with a chill to the wind as we start our cruise to Goring, I have jeans and a fleece on to keep the chill at bay. Only the one cruiser joins us in Whitchurch lock along with a young grebe temporarily shut off from it's mother.

The reach to Goring is a pleasant cruise through open countryside, Beale Park is passed to port. The washing machine is on so I keep the engine at 1200 rpm to give the batteries a helping hand. Under the slightly twisted Brunel railway bridge, we reach Goring at 10:30, we fit into a mooring spot by asking a narrow boat to nudge up 3 foot.  We wander into the village for supplies, the village hall doors are open with what looks like a vegetable and flower show in progress, we go in for a gander only to be told to leave as the show doesn't start till 14:00. Supplies bought we go back to FL

Dot & Gordon arrive at 14:30 and breast Ewn ha Cul alongside FL, tea and biscuits were had on the bank before Gordon and I go to the pub leaving the girls to cook up an evening feast. In The John Barleycorn I bumped into an old work friend I haven't seen in twenty years ... and as one does on these occasions we remembered friends no longer with us while reminiscing about the good old days. An enjoyable afternoon with good company.

Me and Keith Black
In the evening we enjoyed a lovely fish pie aboard Ewn ha Cul followed by an apple dessert, all very scrummy.

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