Monday, 18 August 2014

The Nags Head Abingdon

We set of at our usual 8ish o'clock, it started of cold enough for me to have 4 layers on but by the time we reached Abingdon two layers were peeled off in the warmth of the midday sun. We all walked into town to get the main ingredient for Dots adorable pasties that we would have for our tea.  The plan was to get cruising again and moor at Sandford for the night but after a beer and a ploughmans lunch in The Nags Head we decided to stay put for the day. 

We had a stroll around the ruins of a Saxon Abbey and the 15C Almshouses adjacent to St Helens church which look to be still in use. 

According to Wikipedia Abingdon boasts of being Britains oldest continuously occupied town and the largest town in southern England without a railway.

The evening was spent on Ewn ha Cul (Cornish for Straight and Narrow) devouring another of Dots perfect pasties with the usual mickey taking and put downs thrown in by our chef/host.

Lunch time tipple Nags Head

Abingdon 15C Almshouses

St Helens (google awesomed)

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Maffi said...

You are correct the Alms Houses are still in use, but not by the original occupants.