Friday, 8 August 2014

Back to the Thames

We stayed at Pyrford until after lunch which was had at The Anchor with Glyn, Chris and mum Cath.

Cath & Chris
After lunch it was back through 4 locks to Thames lock where we returned the loaned windlass, the lock keepers locked us through to the lower pound where we used the tap to fill FL's water tank while we dropped another few feet.  The Weybridge bank's mooring spots were all taken, it was getting on for 18:00 and we were delightfully surprised to find a mooring at Manor park.

We enjoyed our first visit on the Wey, although we are familiar with Surrey towns, villages and countryside it is always different arriving by water. The Wey is a pretty river as it meanders from river to man made channels through wide open isolated sections and narrow corridors where tarmac traffic noise is close by. The National Trust do a good job of looking after the navigation, the paddles all work and are easy to use, when you leave a lock the gates are left open, forgot to ask why, probably saves on wear and tear on the gate hinges, when rising in a lock there is a yellow peg to tie your stern rope to while holding the boat in with the bowline, the locks are a bit fierce. Lowering in a lock the centre line is adequate. Good moorings were hard to find below Guildford, some good isolated spots from Guidford to Godalming. The Anchor at Pyrford is a descent place for refreshment, good food and Dorset's Badger Ales on tap but don't go on a Sunday it's far to busy.


Leo No2 said...

The yellow pins are called barge pins and were (are) there for the old wide beam Wey boats. Kept because they are of historical importance.

You leave the gates open because there is a 50/50 chance that the next boat using the lock will find it useful (there's also a 50/50 chance they won't).

Andy said...

Thanks for the information Leo No2