Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bablock Hythe


We decided on an early start, 06:30 we were away heading into St Johns lock, we had forgotten that there are two 6:30's in a day. Bacon buttys and tea on the go were supplied by the pasty boat's cook. The cows where we had moored for the night were already awake and chomping on their breakfast, swans however were resting heads on feathery pillows.

After a long peaceful cruise ( 7 hours) we moored on Bablock Hythe's grassy field, had a 6X in the Ferryman and a BBQ on the bank in the evening. 

We had three mishaps today first our domestic water pump packed up, Sue slipped over on the lock side bruising her derriere  and Ewn ha Cul had to be pulled of a sand bar by FL after running aground, these events Sue has firmly put down to seeing that other 6:30 in the day.

Tomorrow we will move a few miles to Eynsham where we will meet up with my sister and family over here on holiday from Wisconsin.

Radcot bridge

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