Monday, 11 August 2014

Royal Windsor

Left Runnymede at around 10:00 the sun was shining, only a stiff breeze left over from yesterdays storm. Coming out of Old Windsor lock for no explicable reason the engine died on me, a cruiser helped push me to the overgrown bank where we got of in the nettles and put a pin in. No way an engineer could get to us there so we hailed a passing narrow boat who kindly towed us back to the lock landing. We called out the RCR engineer  meanwhile I started the engine with out a problem. Oh well best to let the engineer give it the once over, he arrived at 13:00, he suspected an air bubble in the fuel pump which seemed to of bled it self through.

The engineer left and off we went again 30 feet down the lock cut the engined died but quickly came back to life, I reversed back to the lock landing and called the engineer back. He tried to replicate the problem to no avail, again suggested it might of been the residue of an air lock going through. I asked him if it could be caused by dirt in the fuel filters, he said no as the engine is running well. Off we went again without any more problems apart from getting a good soaking in Romney lock when the heavens opened for 10 minutes accompanied by thunder and lightning.

I have spare fuel filters on board so I may fit them tomorrow.

Arrived at Royal Windsor too late for a good mooring, I had to take the rip saw out to a tree limb to get FL on the bank, we will move to a better spot tomorrow when Dot and Gordon catch us up.......... noticed Liz is in residence today.

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