Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lechlade to Llangollen.

Thames Locks Map

We don't do plans as a rule preferring to let the day's events mould tomorrows path, but from Shepperton we intend to reach Llangollen via Lechlade .... then again things could change.

It started raining around 18:00 yesterday and didn't stop until we were both in the land of nod..... a precursor to Bertha putting in an appearance on Sunday perhaps.

Saturday was dry and sunny as we left for Lechlade the locks were busy with boats... narrow, wide. steel, wood and fibreglass cramming into Shepperton lock. Told lockie Steve we would see him next year as he waved us of out of the lock. We stopped at the Swan in Staines for lunch and for Sue to shop in Waitrose and the maggot shop.
FL moored at the Swan.
We have now moved up to Runnymede for the night, it's still sunny with a cool breeze blowing.

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