Friday, 25 April 2014

Ramsdell Hall

Took a flask of hot water to the Cornish hirers who are without gas, I got a big thankyou....they must of run out of cream eggs..dam it.

After sausage rolls we pulled the pins, it was a lot cooler than yesterday and rain was expected to arrive around 3pm, we would be moored by then. We made a stop at Congleton and I was sent down the hill into town for fresh bait for Sue's fishing hook. Maggots on board we set off as the clouds started spitting. 

We hailed Brian on working narrowboat Alton to buy a couple of bags of coal, Brian also sells diesel and other chandlery type items. You can see an interview with Brian by clicking here

As we set off again we were behind two other boats, the spitting turned to rain which poured harder, the two boats heading us both tied to the bank and got in the shelter of their cabins, not this crew we stoically carried on, I find the rain refreshing when it's not accompanied by the wind, it was pistoling down by the time we moored opposite Ramsdell Hall

Sue takes FL through her first bridge'ole !

Dog Lane Aqueduct.

Alton coming alongside.

In the news today the Cornish people are to be granted minority status by some European rule or other. To all our Cornish friends we urge you please don't let them start putting up bilingual signs (like the Welsh) that bring chaos to the roads and only a handful of people want or understand. The English government will have to mass troops on the Cornish border to protect the interest of the English speaking majority.

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