Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Marple still

Had our shortest cruise ever this morning all of three minutes to the services, after removing waste into their various receptacles we pushed FL across the cut and moored on the 48-hour visitor moorings. The bucket came out of the gas locker, I washed cut and polished the starboard side, the port side was done last week. Then the paintbrushes came out and a topcoat was applied to the gas locker lid and the repaired swan neck.

Sue cleaned, hoovered & dusted the inside. Then set to work on making dough for a granary loaf & 2 loaves of Maneesh to have with our dinner tomorrow. A fruit cake is cooking as I type.

I'm in need of a shower but the mastic is still curing around the tray so I might have to get myself hosed down with the short hose in the C&RT  elsan cubicle!

We will stay here tonight to receive guests tomorrow who will be dropping in on their way back from thrashing motorcycles around a race track in Spain. A more sedate pace is in store for them both.

Its been another gloriously sunny day and I think it is set fair for the weekend too. Yeeeha

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Elly and Mick said...

Hey guys, best ever Indian takeaway we've had was at Marple. And, they delivered to the boat!
Elly x