Monday, 7 April 2014

Little Morton Hill and Mow Cop Folly

After breakfast we set off for Little Moreton Hall, we knew it was closed to the public today so we would have a look at the structure and setting only. It was very muddy and hard going through the fields, a few stiles to negociate and we arrived at the hall.

Getting dirty.

Muddy tracks and sodden fields all the way

Fl is left of centre.

Little Moreton Hall build started in early 1500's, last extended in 1610.

Tudor magnificence with moat.

In extensive grounds owned by national trust since 1938

We decided to walk back on paving, this involved a trek down the A34 to Scholar Green, through the village to the canal stopping at the Rising Sun on route. After our three hour round trip the rain started just as we were in sight of the boat.
Mow Cop Castle on top of the hill

Refreshment at the Rising Sun

Our mooring by bridge 86
While it was raining I fixed new hinges to one of the kitchen cupboard doors while Sue baked bread and cake.

The Sun came out late afternoon so I climbed the hill to Mow Cop Castle Folly, Sue stayed on the boat, her new boots had given her a blister during this morning walk.  It was hard going but when you get to the top you are rewarded by views over the Cheshire plain and Wales beyond.

Sue welcomed me back with a roast lamb dinner

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