Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bosley Locks

We set off at 10:00 to do the rural 12 Bosley locks, we got into a good rhythm, Sue would let me into a lock open one paddle I would do the other paddle and while the lock filled Sue would go to set the next lock while I let FL out and closed the gates. By the time I travelled to the next lock the gates were open ready for FL to enter. Two hours later and we were through the last lock and using the services.

This bridge between locks 1 & 2 is now a disused railway track.

FL having a bubble bath.

Great views from the locks.
After the locks the canal follows the contours of the hills, we follow a boat with a young crew and grandad at the helm, the children open the two swing bridges for us.
Pulled along side this boat for a bag of coal and bog blue.

We are now moored at Danes Moss a lovely view from one side of the boat but a landfill site the other, although we can't see it, it has the usual screeching seagulls.


Today's view from kitchen window

These unique milestones were buried during WW2 as a precaution against enemy soldiers using them to find their way, they were restored during 1980's by the Macclesfield Canal Society 

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