Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dane Aqueduct

Yesterday evening we treated ourselves to a meal in Sutton Hall Sue had the braised beef and I had Thai veggie curry.

Sue warming nicely by the fire.

Well, the old sea-dog was correct for today's forecast, the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky when we got up. After Sue had visited the excellent farm shop in Sutton we left our mooring. Not much moving this morning we seemed all on our own until we reached the Bosley flight of 12 locks. Two waiting to go down the lock and one on the water point. I got a couple of stern stares as I went past them to the bog chucking landing behind the lock. Once particles dumped I reversed back past two boats to wait for FL's turn for the lock...everyone was happy again. The reversing procedure was a doddle without any wind pushing the bow. 

Every lock was against us bar one on the descent to the Dane Aqueduct, the 12 locks taking us 2hr 20 mins to get through. Moored for the night had our pork chop dinner Sue is fishing while I write this garbish. Had to get the spanners out to help a hirer whose spare gas bottle valve was stuck closed, an adjustable wrench wouldn't move it so I set about it with hammer and screwdriver, bashed great chunks of brass out of the valve but nothing would budge it. I got a Cadbury's cream egg for my trouble, I will take them a pot of tea in the morning.

This mum had 14 chicks trailing her

Here's 12 of them

The thickening hedgerow foliage has started to block distant views 

Isolated cottage

Sue using the swing bridge.

Stopping the road traffic.

Pot of tea on the go

FL taking on water

Its greening up

Chin wagging across the lock

Sues flagging at the halfway lock 6

Out of the lock with Sue setting the next.

Glorious countryside.

Moored up by today's garden.

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