Monday, 14 April 2014

Higher Poynton

Moved off in warm sunshine but still with a bite to the breeze. Big waves to Joe and Lesley and crew who are staying on at Bollington, it was a pleasure to meet them after reading their blog the past couple of years, sure we will meet up over another ale sometime. As my mate Glyn always says "It's nice to know nice people"

FL has a scenic meander around the contours of the hills, cattle wander down to the waters edge to gongoozle, spring lamb's bounce around the next field, oblivious.

Sue is beside me at the tiller coffee in hand enjoying the rural vista, the washing machine is spinning, this has got to be the best way to get the laundry done.

This persistent collie liked to play fetch sticks.

Approaching Lyme View Marina.

Contour hugging canal.

How good is that?

Another Braidbar masterpiece under construction.

We were going to take water on at Higher Poynton but it was being used and there is nowhere to wait so we moved along and moored at bridge 14.

I got on with another job I have put of all winter which was to remove the discoloured  silicon around the shower tray and replace with new. Once it was all cut out and cleaned we went to the Boars Head for tea. The shower can dry out overnight before resealing.

Black Sheep ale and ham egg & chips here.

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