Sunday, 13 April 2014


The sun is bouncing off the water through the windows and making swirly dancing patterns on the ceiling. A good day for a cruise then, although the wind has a bite to it.

Past Macclesfield and we are back into open country until Bollington, which is hidden away below the canal apart from the two huge mills, Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill, just past these we meet Fletcher, Floyd and fellow blogger Lesley from Yarwood exercising on the towpath. When we moored we arranged to meet Lesley and Joe at the Windmill for a glass or two of Doombar and a boaty chat. Afterwards we retired to Yarwood for a cuppa and a tour of their beautiful boat they created, soon to be enhanced still further.

Adelphi cotton mill
Cruising high above Bollington homes

Clarence Mill 

The Windmill

Lesley, Joe and Sue

White Nancy built to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo

Floyd & Fletcher

PS While Sue was having her shower the pump stopped working. I dismantled the Whale gulper pump and found a plastic top of a shampoo bottle (not mine you'll understand!!) wedging the outlet valve open. All screwed back together now and the pump works fine again.

Coat of bilge paint under the pump

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