Friday, 4 April 2014

Maggot's & cloudy ale

Set off before 09:00 which is early for us. Cool overcast and dry conditions all the way this morning. Contractors were doing a splendid job of towpath repairs on the approach to the Stockton Brook flight of four locks, cyclist's will be pleased.

Towpath improvements

Holding the barge in while FL passes.

Sue met a man wearing an IOM bandanna

Stockton Brook top lock
The converted stable building next to Stockton top lock is up for sale, yours for £395,000 there is a very old photo of the lock and stables here..

Sue blagged a few maggots from fishermen on the way, I have never met anyone so happy to receive a few maggot's, she will be getting her fishing rod out for the first time this year.

Stockton Brook old pumping station 
The sun has come out as we moor up at Milton for our overnight stop . Went into the village for some protein from the local butchers, had an early doors ale in the Foxley and Millrace. Doombar ale in the Foxley was good Hobgoblin ale in the Millrace was cloudy and shi#e.

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