Tuesday, 15 April 2014


We needed water, after getting a message from Boatwif about the low pressure at the services in Marple we decided to wind and use the water pipe in Higher Poynton we passed yesterday. Once full we needed a winding hole to turn around in. I didn't realise that we were actually filling with water in a winding hole until Joe pointed it out, I'd already lined up with the bridge by then so continued down to Lyme Marina over a mile away and turned in their entrance.  The sun was hot hot hot, I needed Sue to break out the sunscreen for my pate.

 Lesley has a portrait of Joe hanging on the front of Yarwood :)
North Cheshire CC have taken over this arm of the Macc.
Goyt Mill

Approaching Marple

We have moored  before the Marple services and will move early tomorrow to use the facilities.

Mr Heron is following us

My old Fireblade wouldn't fit on there.

We use to own one of these Freemans

We walked around to the Peak Forest Canal, things just get better.


Nb Yarwood said...

That is the portrait that normally hangs in the loo...good isn't it?

Andy said...

Perfect positioning by Joe... a TZ40 masterpiece.