Friday, 11 April 2014


We only travelled one mile today, we are now moored at Gurnett Aqueduct, spring has sprung, the sun is out, flowers are blooming, trees have started dressing and the feathered beasts are in full song.

We took a stroll to the village of Sutton Lane End, an affluent part of this area. Mercedes, Audis and the odd  Bentley in the drives of smart homes. We used the village shop to buy fresh vegetables.

After a cup of tea back in FL, I decided to walk along the towpath into Macclesfield while Sue relaxed. The canals approach to the town is through deep cuttings and high banks, I was pleasantly surprised that the fine bridges over the canal are all graffiti-free. Just past Macclesfield Canal Centre and Freedom Boats is the restored and converted to flats, Hovis Flour Mill where Hovis flour was first milled in the 1820s.

The town centre is set back quite away from the canal and the church of St Michael is dominant above it. Steep cobbled streets lead to a square where the imposing town hall (whose columns reminded me of the British Museum in London) is situated adjacent to the church. The high street has all the usual town suspects trading in it. Macclesfield was once the largest producer of finished silk in the world and there are four museums dedicated to the art here.

On the return trip I stopped at the 'Puss in Boots' for a refreshing small lager (the sun was very hot) and closer to the boat Sue joined me for a glass of Old Hooky in the 'Old Kings Head'.

Turnover, Crossover, Roaming or Snake bridge depending on which canal you are on.
Deep cutting into town.
High walled banks
The Hovis Mill
St Michael's
Town Hall

Mr Heron the only feathered beast not singing today.
We treated ourselves to dinner at Sutton Hall , where we had a lovely meal, apparently the hall used to be the residence of Lord Lucans family, we didn't actually spot him but we did see this dodgy character looking at us from an upstairs window
Lord tin man Lucan

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